DTU Volley Mix League Team

DTU Volley Mix 1 team participates in the Mix league (highest competitive level in Zealand). The team has been established in 2015 and was the first reactivated league team of DTU Volley.
The Mix League Teams are practicing on Mondays 21:00-23:00 and Wednesday 19:30-21:30 at DTU.


Roster 2020/21

 #  Picture  Name  Position    Season  Nationality  DTU afiliation
 1    Insert Name  Libero  2 DEN  Student
 2    Insert Name  Outside Hitter  2  DEN  Student
 3    Insert Name   Setter  3  DEN  Alumni
 4    Insert Name  Setter  2  DEN  Alumni
 5    Insert Name  Libero  2  DEN  Alumni
 6    Insert Name  Outside Hitter  3  DEN  Alumni
 8    Insert Name  Outside Hitter  2  DEN  Student
 10    Insert Name  Opposite    3  DEN  Alumni
 12    Insert Name  Middle Blocker  2  DEN  Student
 13    Insert Name  Middle Blocker  1  DEN  Student
 14    Insert Name  Middle Blocker  1  DEN  Student
 15    Insert Name  Opposite  1 DEN  Alumni
 17    Insert Name  Middle Blocker  3 DEN  Alumni
 19    Insert Name  Outside Hitter  3  DEN  Alumni

Staff 2020/21

 Picture  Name Role
   Insert Name Coach
   Insert Name Assistant coach


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