How to become a member

Open Teams

DTU Open 1, 2 and 3 are non-competitive teams. In order to become a member of one of these, it is required to attend our open trainings in either September or February. The exact dates of these events will be official on our website in August and January, respectively.
After attending one of the open training sessions, it will be possible to sign up to the waiting list for the one of the open teams that fits your level. The teams will then be filled up by random selection. If you are lucky, you will shortly after receive a registration mail and an invitation to join the team.  

League Teams 

In order to join one of our four league teams, Mix 1, Men's 1, Men's 2 and Women's, please attend one of the league try-outs. Here the selection is based on your skills, position and duration of stay in Denmark. 
It might also be possible to attend trainings before or after the official tryouts. If this is of your interest, please write a mail to 


If you have received a registration email from DTU Volley and are still interested in joining, please do the following:
1) Go to Registration -> Basis Membership to buy a "Passive Membership" of DTU Volley. By doing this, you and your payment details are registered in our system and all future interactions will be easier.
2) You have received an email with an invitation to the team you have signed up for. Sign-up for that event in order to finalize the registration and payment. If you are a student (Ph.d. student not included) tick off the Student box. If you are not a student tick off the Non-Student box instead.
3) You will shortly after receive a confirmation on your registration and you will now be free to enjoy all the offers from DTU Volley.
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